CarPlay2Air: an adapter to cut the cord between the iPhone and CarPlay

For many motorists, wireless CarPlay is still a sweet fantasy. Even if the function is available since iOS 9 (!), The number of compatible vehicles remains very thin and comes down to a few models from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Toyota or Lamborghini. We cannot say that the technology is widely available, despite its interest (read: Will 2020 finally be the year of wireless CarPlay?).

The CarPlay2Air in a Golf.

This is where CarPlay2Air comes in. This adapter plugs into the USB port of the CarPlay system of the vehicle, with which it bridges the gap with the iPhone (you must first have paired the smartphone with the device). The connection between the car screen and the phone is established in a few seconds via Bluetooth, and we then get the CarPlay home screen. The iPhone communicates with CarPlay via Wi-Fi, locally.

The dongle works with any iPhone from 5 to 11Pro. Please note, however, that it is imperative that the vehicle ships CarPlay when it leaves the factory, since the accessory does not support third-party systems. CarPlay compatible cars from Peugeot (2017 2019), Renault (2017 2019), Citron (2016 2019) and many others are compatible with CarPlay2Air. The adapter is sold for $ 160, shipping costs being supported for France.

Update For those who have an Android car radio and who would still like to take advantage of CarPlay wireless, there are similar adapters but much cheaper. This is the case with this dongle Matefielduk 71.99 which works very well, according to Jean-Baptiste.