CarPlay: service encounters some problems at BMW

CarPlay: service encounters some problems at BMW

carplay iconThe list of manufacturers integrating the CarPlay service is not long, but among them, we find in particular the famous German BMW. It should be known that this integration is offered to customers in the form of a subscription.

Bearing the name of ConnectedDrive, the option is billed around 300 for three years, which is already much talk for a service that, at other manufacturers, is free.

But the problem is elsewhere, since in addition to having to pay, some users encounter problems with CarPlay and do not hesitate to be heard on the Reddit forums.

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CarPlay and BMW: network problems

But how does the option ConnectedDrive ? They use the car network to call the servers and check that your subscription has been paid and that you are eligible for service.

However, if the network were to cut off and fail to contact the servers, CarPlay would simply stop working. And unfortunately, this is what seems to happen several customers of the brand in recent days, for a problem officially recognized by the German firm and is currently investigating to find a solution.