The OnePlus One invites itself in the physical stores of an operator

Carl Pei wants to dot the i's

As we know, the OnePlus One smartphone, which leaked a lot in 2014 with its high-end equipment at attractive prices and which recently benefits from an Oxygen OS ROM based on Android Lollipop, will have a successor. This second opus will logically respond to the name of OnePlus Two.

And if we are still in the dark about the technical characteristics (Snapdragon 810 chipset, 2K / QHD screen, fingerprint reader, metal shell, etc.), we have however an official launch window. Last month, Carl Pei, co-founder and boss of the Chinese startup, had indeed suggested availability during the third quarter of 2015.

OnePlus Two Carl Pei's tweet (DR; click to enlarge)

But now there are rumors of a possible delay for the OnePlus Two. Asked about it, Carl Pei replied that the plans had not changed, that he is still third quarter issue.

In his tweet, he took the opportunity to suggest that Internet users document themselves with sources deemed reliable. Because if they are considered reliable, there is a reason. Or how to complain about the countless leaks on the Web, when you have played the buzz card yourself a year earlier…

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