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Cards: 38 days for a shipment to Belgium

Cards: 38 days for a shipment to Belgium

The Belgian-iPhone editorial team tested Apple’s new service, which allows it to send a card anywhere in the world. The result is unmistakable: better to do it soon enough!

Available from last month, Apple’s Cards service is presented as the service for sending pretty personalized cards from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. In theory, the service is accessible from the iOS application with the same name, it offers 21 models of cards to personalize with a photo taken from your iOS library and of course, the possibility of adding text (full description of application find out here). As a reminder, sending this type of card costs 4.49 (postage included). According to information provided by Apple in the application, it takes 5 to 7 business days to send a card to the United States from the date of order. If the card is sent internationally, the shipment takes between 9 and 16 days, in theory because in practice it is different. Indeed, the day after the launch of the service, we tested the sending of such a card by the Belgian-iPhone editor. If the concept turns out to be interesting because of the simplicity of the application and the quality of printing applied to the card (as a reminder: each card is printed in relief on 100% cotton paper), the deadline is significantly less: the card orders from Belgium and is intended for an address in the same territory not less than 38 days to finally arrive destination. It is therefore better to take the lead if you plan to send such a card on the occasion of a birthday or a special event. A long time which can possibly be explained by the fact that all the cards intended for an address located in Europe are sent from the Czech Republic. It is, however, a place that is not really located at the end of the world.

Finally, if you are more in a hurry but less demanding in terms of originality of the card, you will rather use Bpost's Mobile Postcard service.

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