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Cancel your Amazon Prime subscription in just 6 steps

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There are many advantages of subscribing to the Amazon Prime program, such as free delivery in one working day and with no minimum purchase, access to many movies and series … As a result, thousands of new customers are sabotaging Amazon Prime especially when it comes to promotional days, such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or Prime Day.

If, despite all these benefits, you want to close your Amazon Prime account, then follow this tutorial in which we explain how to terminate your Prime account.

Cancel an Amazon Prime subscription

Have you used Amazon Prime for at least 29 days and aren't satisfied with it? Maybe you just wanted to take advantage of the free offer? Whatever your reason, here are the 6 steps to follow to unsubscribe and stop your subscription.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Click on Your account, in the drop down menu select Your Amazon Prime Account.
  3. In the page that appears, click on the option Premium.
  4. present, in the left menu, in case you have never paid, click on Don't Continue – Give Up Amazon Prime Benefits, otherwise on End of membership.

    A new page opens to ask you if you are sure of your choice.

  5. Click on End my benefits.

    Amazon offers you to switch an annual Bonus subscription.

  6. Click on End of membership, and finally on Cancel and lose my benefits.

If you have already paid a Prime monthly payment, without enjoying its benefits, know that you can get a refund (explained further in this article).

Check if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber

Many Amazon members were surprised to discover that they were also Amazon Prime subscribers.

To find out if this is your case, then our first advice is to examine your bank statements, you will then see if Amazon has taken the 49 (annual fee) for a Prime membership.

Our second tip is to go to your Amazon account and verify if you are registered with Amazon Prime. To do this, go to your account, click on Premium, in the new page that appears, on the left, you should see written: You are not a member of Amazon Prime.

Note that when you register Amazon Prime, the annual renewal of your registration is systematic. You can deactivate it at any time, even during the free trial period.

Get reimbursed for the Amazon Prime subscription

Paid members who have not placed an order with Amazon Prime benefits are eligible for a full refund, unless a member of their household has placed an order with Amazon Prime. So cancel your paid Premium membership (End of membership) and receive your refund.

You can also claim a refund by visiting the page: and making your request by phone, email or online chat.

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