Canal +: buy SFR and become an ISP?

Canal +: buy SFR and become an ISP?

Image 1: Canal +: buy SFR and become an ISP?

If we believe the American bank JPMorgan, Canal + (through Vivendi) could buy the 44% of SFR shares currently held by the English Vodafone. The cost ? Between 6 and 8 billion euros according to the bank specializing in investments. According to the same source, this transaction would take place as soon as Vivendi, which owns Canal +, has sold its shares in NBC Universal to General Electric. This means that the operation will not take place before the end of the year, or even in early 2011.

A triple-play offer at a bargain price?

Currently the second largest French ISP with nearly 4.59 million subscribers, SFR is ahead of Orange (8.8 million subscribers) and closely followed by Free (4.50 million subscribers). Suddenly, Canal + could launch a triple-play offer and attract new TV subscribers by offering its channels in a pack at an attractive price. However, this acquisition remains subject to the opinion of ARCEP.

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