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Can mobile printing overtake desktop computers?

Today, if there is one object that almost never leaves us, it is our smartphone. It occupies a prominent place in our lives to the point that some people no longer even have a computer. According to a survey by the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (Arcep) published in 2017, 73% of French people own a smartphone, or +8 points over a year, when the number of owners experiences a reverse dynamic by losing a point on the year. There are still 81% of French people with a computer, but the dynamics are interesting.

The smartphone is tending to establish itself as the major tool for connecting to the Internet. However, for certain uses, the computer seems to keep a place of first order, in particular for the impressions, but there too, the smartphone intends to gain ground.

mobile printing - Can mobile printing overtake desktops?

Printer manufacturers enter the world of apps

Printer manufacturers have taken stock of the growing importance of smartphones. They had to adapt their materials to this upheaval. Several companies have therefore made available for downloading applications allowing them to launch printing from a telephone.

Among the apps that stand out, that of HP is very complete. After installing the application on your phone and connecting your printer, you can easily start printing. The app also allows you to solve different problems, you will be warned of lack of ink, paper jams etc …

However, it is not certain that these applications take into account other problems well known to users such as dry cartridges. If your cartridges stop printing and you don’t receive any notifications on your phone, follow the tips on this site. This HP app, like most apps from other brands, is available on Android and IOS.

Computers Always Stay Ahead of Printing

If these apps are gaining popularity, they are still largely unknown to the general public who still prefer computer printing, so why? If for printing photos, no doubt printing over the phone should become necessary over time, this is not necessarily the case for written documents. If you have to print a document that you have just written, it is often easier to spot errors on a computer screen.

Similarly, if you have to start printing an official document, its reading is made easier by the size of a larger screen. But iPads and other tablets may well be a game-changer. Adapted to reading long documents, increasingly present in homes, computer manufacturers are betting heavily on them.

Our way of connecting is evolving and with it our way of approaching peripherals and in particular printing. It is now possible to print from your laptop and even if this innovation may take time to settle into our daily lives, it symbolizes the inversion of the dynamics between smartphones and computers.