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Call Of Duty: Mobile

Fluid, complete and immersive, the mobile version of Call Of Duty was a success from its launch. It offers several game modes including the classic and very effective Battle Royale as well as loyalty to the universe of the franchise between the cards and the talents available. Its handling is fast and intuitive and the commands are customizable at will. A game of the best shooting games on Android to download now!

The flagship license for FPS in your pocket

Released on October 01, 2019, Call Of Duty: Mobile installs on our Android and iOS tablets and smartphones and tends to follow in the footsteps and success of PUBG Mobile, Fortnite APK or Free Fire. Call of Duty offers half a dozen multiplayer modes on maps from the show’s episodes.

Alone or in a team, the game offers an immersive experience only in the first person and based on a sound environment and quality graphics, adjustable according to the performance of the device. To simplify cooperation, COD Mobile offers text or voice communication with its team members.

Several multiplayer modes

Even if the deadlock is made on a single player campaign, the multiplayer modes are classic but Headlining, Call Of Duty: Mobile offers a Battle Royale mode in which 100 players alone or in squads compete to find the best equipment and be the last to survive as the play area shrinks.

This mode is playable from level 7. The choice of talents here is an originality of COD, in fact the character can have different assets allowing better care, having a grapin or being able to put a shield to start covered. For this mode only, the choice between first and third person is available.

Before that, you will have to train your weapons on the classic multiplayer mode of the Call of Duty license, an old fashioned 5 against 5 on the most famous maps of the license like Nuketown, Crossfire or Killhouse. Displayed in the menus but not available when it is launched, Call Of Duty: Mobile will call for cooperation in a Zombies mode which will be closer to that of the license.

Optimizing your equipment and talents

Improvements and experience for each weapon and all its accessories are necessary. It is thus possible to unlock glasses, handles, magazines, butts and skins to personalize your weapons from A to Z. If a weapon is played regularly, it is likely to be improved and be so more effective in combat.

Rankings and grades are available for the classic multiplayer mode and for the Battle Royale with numerous rewards to improve your equipment. Cod Mobile like the other episodes of the series, offers to use agent talents, it is mainly secondary weapons such as a bow, a minigun or a short-range flame thrower. Offensive and defensive assets are also available to complete its arsenal and customize each soldier at will.

Its grip

Call of Duty like any other shooter will suffer from the difficulty of playing an FPS on a touch screen between random precision, numerous on-screen commands and difficult movements. However, the game stands out and allows a rather simple and fluid handling. Two aiming modes are available to favor speed or precision.

COD Mobile will soon support Android controllers and offers a host of parameters for driving vehicles, adjusting the sensitivity of the camera and aiming for each telescope or changing quick messages.

Microtransactions when you hold us

Call Of Duty: Mobile is no exception to the rule and offers several season passes to unlock additional skins and accessories. The dimension Pay to Win is not present because the unlocked items only allow you to unlock cosmetic items or experience boosts.

On this point, the lootboxes to buy are assimilated to games of chance at our Belgian neighbors who will not be able to benefit from the game except using a VPN.

COD Mobile, the strong points:

  • – Play cooperatively everywhere and with friends
  • – A well thought-out Battle Royale
  • – Several classic and efficient multiplayer modes
  • – Good immersion, great graphics and soundtrack!
  • – A Zombies mode in cooperation to come

COD Mobile, the weak points:

  • – A good configuration required
  • – Too much microtransactions
  • – Connection only with Facebook or in Guest mode
  • – Support for controllers to come in a future update