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Caf – My Account 1.1.1

Caf – My Account is a good Android application for performing all administrative procedures and having an overview of payments from the National Family Allowance Fund. However, the interface, even if it remains simple to handle, is not pleasant to use because of outdated ergonomics and a cruel lack of updates.

The official CAF app

Caf - My Account Caf – My Account for Android is a free application allowing secure access to your account and recipient file. It is a simple extension of the website thanks to which the user can simultaneously consult his payments, manage his personal information and find his exchanges with his Family Allowance Fund.

All the steps in the pocket

Caf – My Account offers the possibility of monitoring the progress of the procedures carried out with the CAF and putting online missing elements such as an identity document or a rent receipt. The user is also able to consult his latest payments and download a history of the last 24 months. He can also manage and update his personal information, useful in the event of a move.

The app also makes it possible to better follow the latest exchanges, e-mails and letters, and be alerted in the event of new messages.

A badly thought-out interface

Even if it is accessible and very simple to use, Caf – My Account looks pale in terms of ergonomics and practicality, the interface is still outdated by the years and the lack of updates …