Caf machines that can be controlled from the iPhone

Caf machines that can be controlled from the iPhone

A new generation of coffee machines, presented at Host 2011 in Milan, allows remote control from an iPhone.

"And your iPhone, does it make coffee?", this is the kind of question you have already heard when brandishing your smartphone with your colleagues or acquaintances. From now on, you can answer them proudly yes, since a new generation of coffee machines has a functionality that allows it to be operated with an iPhone.

The idea of ​​the manufacturer Scanomat which offers a new series of ultra-design coffee machines where you can prepare your Espresso or Macchiato from the touch screen of your iPhone via a dedicated application stuffed with recipes from the precious drink. Better yet, the pomm smartphone allows you to turn on the machine remotely to ensure it is operational and ready to get you in shape at the start of the day.

The manufacturer indicates that, machine dyed at the start, it takes only 45 seconds for the machine to be usable and serve you a coffee filter in 15 seconds and an espresso in 25 seconds. This machine will therefore allow you to save energy by stepping regularly and thus avoid heating the water all day.

In addition, the iPhone is not essential the machine to function. A built-in touch platform lets you start the little morning ritual.

Finally, this type of new coffee machine was presented at the Host 2011 trade fair in Milan (International Hotel Exhibition). The prices are not known.

Would you be interested in this type of coffee machine?

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