BytaFont 2: change the font for iOS 7 on iPhone & iPad

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Posted: January 4 2014Updated: January 16, 2014

by Martin

You find the font of your iPhone or iPod Touch jailbroken too common? BytaFont 2 is a new application iOS 7 available on Cydia which will allow you to customize the font (typography, in English) of your iDevice.

bytafont 2 - BytaFont 2: change the font for iOS 7 on iPhone & iPad

Once the application is installed on your device, perform a respring and you should see on your springboard the blue and white icon of BytaFont 2. Then you just need to navigate in the application (tab Browse) to find hundreds of fonts of all styles. In addition, you can go directly to Cydia to find them (enter Font in the search or go to the category Fonts).

ByteFont 2 Cydia 1024x905 - BytaFont 2: change the font of iOS 7 on iPhone & iPadOnce your font has been chosen, click on Install and you will be redirected to the corresponding Cydia package. Download it, then open BytaFont 2 and press Basic then on his name. Validate the respring and voila! Of course, it is possible to download several. To return to the original font, select BytaFont Backup.

BytaFont 2 is available free on the repository of ModMyi and is compatible with all jailbroken iPhone and iPad on iOS 7 to 7.0.4. This is actually an update to Bytafont’s first name which was available on iOS 6.