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Buy and use your RATP tickets from the SNCF application on Android

SNCF will update its smartphone application by including a set of services intended for users of public transport in Ile-de-France. They will now be able to buy tickets for the lines managed by the RATP and validate their ticket with their smartphone. The only constraint: the mobile must be NFC compatible.

ratp bus

Dematerialization continues with SNCF and RATP. After virtualizing mainline train tickets, the SNCF is extending this transition to public transport in the Paris region. Indeed, it will soon be possible to buy tickets from the SNCF Assistant application available on Android. All lines managed by the Ile-de-France network are supported. There are of course metros, trams and buses, not to mention the RER accessible with a T + Ticket. Note that tickets for Orlybus and Roissybus are also supported.

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Unit tickets (or booklets) are not the only tickets concerned, since Navigo packages are also. Please note, only weekly and monthly plans are available in the application. The annual Navigo package is not affected. But it would be logical that it be soon. Thanks to the integration of RATP tickets, the SNCF application is now the most complete in its category, since it already made it possible to buy and validate an SNCF ticket (except TER), to order a VTC, to find a carpool or to rent an electric scooter.

Purchase and validation from the smartphone

Lachat is not the only new feature bringing the application in connection with the RATP. The SNCF Assistant also allows validate virtual transport tickets from a smartphone. Only prerequisite for this to work: the phone must be equipped with an NFC chip (which is today the case with the vast majority of mid-range models and all flagships). To do this, simply present the location of the Navigo cards at the access doors on the back of the phone and you're ready to go. According to SNCF, validation does not require that the application be opened in the background. And, better yet, validation would work even if the phone is unloaded or turned off. Not all smartphone models would be compatible, but the rule does not specify which ones.

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Some additional restrictions are expected on some smartphones. The SIM cards of all operators would not be compatible (at least initially) and an additional extension is sometimes installed (like that of Wizway, preinstalled on NFC-compatible smartphones from Samsung since the beginning of the year 2019). Finally, a little information for Apple customers: they are simply not concerned. Apple refusing any business to bypass Apple Pay, the purchase of tickets or packages is disabled. The validation of the titles could arrive there, but not initially.

Source: Le Figaro