Buy Alfawise B7 Pro Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor for only $ 15.90

Alfawise is a Chinese brand which is gradually making itself known. This brand has covered the appliances is almost all aspects of life. Alfawise B7 Pro Smartband is a smart band with the same features as all other great smart bands at half the price. Let’s make sure to meet this device in detail

🛒 Buy Alfawise B7 Pro Fitness Tracker on Gearbest for only $ 15.90

The Alfawise B7 Pro smart band sports the same design as other smart bands currently on the market. One of its striking features is its 0.96 inch TFT color screen, which supports wrist display. If you are familiar with screens, know that TFT cannot be compared to AMOLED. But that’s not the case when we should delve deeper into the technical details of these technologies. Trust us – TFT is quite sufficient to display the information you need.

Obviously the Alfawise B7 Pro supports all the features that can be found on other smart bands. They include alarm clock, call / message reminder, calorie burn measurement, camera remote control, date, distance recording, phone finder, heart rate measurement, pedometer , reminder of sedentary lifestyle, sleep management and time. But that’s not enough to win the hearts of customers.

There is also a 90mAh battery, which only supplies 10mAh of the Honor Band 4’s battery. It is capable of providing 7-10 days of waiting time. And it will be fully charged in just 2 hours. Like many other products in this niche, including the Honor Band 4, the Alfawise B7 Pro supports waterproof rating of IP67. The Alfawise B7 Pro is a real sports group with support for various sports modes, such as running, cycling, skipping rope, ping-pong, badminton and tennis. All collected data can be viewed through the app which can be downloaded from Play Store.

Where to buy the Alfawise B7 Pro Fitness Tracker

The Alfawise B7 Pro fitness monitor is currently on sale on Gearbest for $ 15.90

🛒 Buy Alfawise B7 Pro Fitness Tracker on Gearbest for only $ 15.90