Butterfly keyboard: a class-action authorized in the USA

Butterfly keyboard: a class-action authorized in the USA

icon macbook 2016The case is far from over. Fell in a scandal of faulty keyboards, Apple may have released a Macbook Pro model with an old type of keyboard – the MacBook Pro 16, it did not calm customers dissatisfied. As reported by Reuters, a federal judge rejected Apple's request to quash a class action lawsuit over the flaws on the keyboard installed in its laptops since 2015.

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Apple will have to take out the chquier

US Judge Edward Davila of San Jose District, California, said Apple faces accusations that its troubleshooter program did not provide an effective solution to MacBook design deficiencies, or fully offset the costs incurred by Apple. by customers to perform the necessary repairs

Customers claimed that their MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air laptop keyboards suffered from stuck keys, unresponsive keys, and double keystrokes when small amounts of dust or debris accumulated below or nearby.

According to the plaintiffs, the program set up at Apple's after-sales service was inadequate, the Californian company of Cupertino often supplying replacement keyboards presenting the same problems over the long term. They claim various damages and interests for violation of the consumer protection laws of several states, including the fact that the device has a defective design from the outset, exactly what we saw in the recently.

Their lawyer, Benjamin Johns, was satisfied with the decision and was eager to continue the case.

It will be necessary to follow the affair of prs, Apple certainly having in the obligation to leave the chquier …