Bully available on iOS and Android to mark its tenth anniversary

Bully de Rockstar recr with Unreal Engine 4 on video

Released several years ago on PC and home consoles, bully (also called Canis Canem Edit) presents itself as one of the licenses of Rockstar, the studio behind the GTA franchise. Offering an open universe within a private school, the app found its audience at the time.

Pending possible news regarding the development of a suite at Rockstar, a British game design student recently published a video of his project which aimed to'' imagine Bully with the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine from Epic Games.

Bully - Unreal Engine 4 - 6 Bully - Unreal Engine 4 - 5

The result, visible in video and images, presents a quality rendering with a host of visual details. Of course, this does not represent all the possibilities of the graphics engine, but allows to significantly improve the realization initially produced between 2006 and 2008.

It remains to be seen now if Rockstar has planned to develop a follow-up to this franchise in the more or less near future. The fact remains that a trademark was registered a little over a year ago on this subject.

Bully - Unreal Engine 4 - 4 Bully - Unreal Engine 4 - 3

Bully - Unreal Engine 4 - 2 Bully - Unreal Engine 4 - 1