Lunettes AR Apple

built-in hidden cameras and detachable knives

Apple continues to work on technologies that could be integrated into its future AR glasses. Their launch is expected between 2021 and 2022, if the last noises of the corridor are to be believed.

AR Apple Glasses

Apple’s AR glasses (or AR headphones) could incorporate certain optical components behind an electrical control layer to hide them from view when they’re not needed. Apple could use this technology to hide one or more cameras inside the glasses. In addition, the headphones could be removed from the screen and used as external speakers.

We know that Apple has been working on its own AR or VR device for some time, as several rumors have confirmed, particularly in recent weeks. The last patent published these days by Apple concerns two of the components which will train the cutters: the cameras and the cutters.

Cameras and other optical elements would be hidden using the appropriate retractable coatings. This would improve the aesthetics of the visors when certain elements are not necessary.

Another idea from Apple is to incorporate removable headphones, which the user can also use as external speakers. Even in this case, their removal would make these glasses more beautiful.