bta 2 with bubbles for multitasking

bta 2 with bubbles for multitasking

Last month, the first beta of Android Q appeared. A second beta is now available. It is always a preview that is intended primarily for developers and for Pixel devices, or for testing purposes with the Android Emulator (Android Studio).

For this beta 2, Android Q introduces bubbles whose objective is to allow users to multitask with applications. An application can be minimized in a small circle superimposed on the screen and above other applications. The user can interact with these floating bubbles.

An example given is that of messaging to open a small dedicated user interface above Google Keep notes. It is reminiscent of the Android chat bubbles for Messenger.


Various applications already exploited similar interactions. The difference is that these bubbles – which are not limited to messaging – become native. This has been implemented on the Android notification system to make it easier for developers to get started (with the notification APIs).

With this beta 2 of Android Q, it is highlighted the activation of Scoped Storage for the installation of new applications. This is to prevent applications from having free access to internal storage. " With Scoped Storage, applications can use their private sandbox without permission (note: their confined storage space), but they need new permissions to access the shared collections of photos, videos and audio. "


Among other elements mentioned, an API for directional microphones, the fact that developers will be able to test their applications for folding screen devices with the emulator in Android Studio. Remembering that Android Q brings native support for foldable smartphones.