Browse the Internet offline on Android, it's possible!

Browse the Internet offline on Android, it's possible!

It happened to me again yesterday: a friend shares a great link (OK, it was cats), I click, and BIM, not enough network to load the page. Extreme frustration. This may be a distant memory: the application Cosmos Browser offers the impossible: browse the Internet without connection on your Android.

no wifi

This is not science fiction: Cosmos does offer a web navigation service without an Internet connection. How did it work? When you want to access a web page, the server sends a Cosmos request via SMS (yes, SMS still exists), which will then send you the contents of this page in compress. It will not be pretty, but it's still practical.

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Offline navigation via Cosmos should look pretty similar. / Fastcompany

The app is not available yet, but should arrive by the end of the month on the Play Store. The idea is not new, but it would be the first time that such a service would be offered all, a great opportunity to make the Internet universal … even in the depths of our country house. Because even there, cat pictures are essential for human survival.

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How to survive without internet and without photos of cats? /
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Vinogradov Illya

Want to enjoy apps available offline before the release of Cosmos? Two options are available:

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