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Brothers In Arms 2 is available free on the App Store

Brothers In Arms 2 is available free on the App Store

Available since last year on the App Store, the game Brother In Arms is offered for free on the App Store instead of 5.49!

Developed by Gameloft, Brother in Arms is known for its most fascinating battle in the heart of the Second World War. Play in Story mode or face up to 5 friends in Multiplayer mode in 5 different environments: in Africa, Europe and the Pacific. Breathtaking 3D graphics making the action ultra-realistic and immersive. Put yourself under cover and assault the enemy! Equip machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles and much more! Control a tank, an all-terrain vehicle, and even a glider, to make your way through enemy lines. Fight on 5 fronts: the Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany and Sicily.

Game features:

– Compete against up to 5 friends on several multiplayer maps. – Pilot a tank, an all-terrain vehicle, a glider, or fire from the all-terrain vehicle or the tank. – A multitude of realistic weapons: submachine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles, launcher. flames and more.– Moments of anthology with more interaction between you and the members of your unit.– Sensational graphics and action inspired by the battlefields of WWII.

Download Brothers In Arms on the App Store.

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( Thanks Patrick for the info! )

Demonstration video: