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Broken screen: how to use my smartphone and recover my data?

Your smartphone screen is broken? Do not panic, there are various ways to recover the data even if the touch does not respond.

Image 1: Broken screen: how to use my smartphone and recover my data?

Smartphones have become crucial for our activities, whether personal or professional. A simple fall can more or less damage the screen which is the unique input device of these devices. In that case, how to use my smartphone and recover data ?

How to recover photos from a smartphone with a broken screen or without touch?

Touch functions respond

If the screen is broken, but the touchscreen works, you can install the Airdroid app. This application can be installed on the Smartphone and on a computer (PC or MAC). Once installed on the two devices (smartphone and computer), you can pair them and control your Smartphone from your computer using your mouse.

Touch no longer works

If your touch screen no longer works, but you can still read what appears on the screen, then you can use an OTG cable. With this type of cable found for a few euros, you can connect a mouse to your smartphone. Once the controls are found, you can perform the operations listed below.

From there, whatever method you have used, take advantage of having access to your smartphone again to perform your data recovery operations. To back up data, photos or videos, you can use Google Drive or the Dropbox app. For your SMS, the SMS Backup & Restore application is ideal.

How to transfer your SMS to a new Smartphone.