Broadcom in no hurry to raise its offer

Broadcom in no hurry to raise its offer

Qualcomm's takeover by Broadcom for 105 billion dollars will not be the subject of a new offer in early December, before the meeting of the board of directors.

Qualcomm SnapDragon logoThe proposal at $ 70 per share still stands, even if the shareholders of Qualcomm do not seem ready to sell their stake for less than $ 80 per share.

Broadcom was slated to raise its offer in the short term before the December 8 meeting, but the agency Bloomberg reports that a new proposal will finally not come before next year.

The group may be waiting in to know more about the current buyout. NXP Semiconductors by Qualcomm, and in particular if the regulatory obstacles are removed.

At the same time, the battle between Qualcomm and Apple is far from subsiding and a new round of complaints has further hardened the positions of the two camps around intellectual property rights, each accusing the other of patent infringement.

The transaction attempted by Broadcom is the largest in the semiconductor industry to date and will likely face further scrutiny from antitrust regulators to frame the birth of a new giant that will directly take third place in the world.