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British Airways: 15,000 iPhone XR for its employees

British Airways: 15,000 iPhone XR for its employees

British Airways: 15,000 iPhone XR for its employees – iPhone Soft

british airways ipa iphone app iconNo, this is not a Christmas gift in advance, but rather the establishment of a new working method thanks to the Apple. The famous airline company, British Airways, has just ordered more than 15,000 iPhone XRs from Apple.

Why such a purchase? Quite simply to equip the flight attendants and flight attendants of the airline, and thus personalize the experience of travelers.

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British Airways orders 15,000 iPhone XRs

Because yes, the phones will be given with applications already installed, the main one of which will provide various information on passengers, especially in terms of culinary preferences.

It is not the only information given that they will have the complete file of the customer, his previous flights, reports concerning possible problems encountered and others.

Another application will also allow you to read safety rules and good methods for dealing with an incident. This purchase follows the establishment of a budget of £ 6.5 million to improve customer experience by 2024.


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