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Brexit: prices of Apple devices cheaper in the UK

Apple Royaume Uni Angleterre logo - Brexit : les prix des appareils Apple moins chers au Royaume-Uni

Apple Royaume Uni Angleterre logo - Brexit : les prix des appareils Apple moins chers au Royaume-Uni

If his exit from the European Union has so far had only harmful consequences for the economy and politics of the ex-28 in general and of the United Kingdom in particular, the Brexit could turn out to be the perfect opportunity to shop in our British neighbors’ Apple catalog. Indeed, since the announcement of the “Yes” victory in the Brexit referendum, the British currency, the British Pound, has experienced one of its strongest declines in several years, which makes the prices charged on certain products attractive. from the giant of Cupertino.

So, as the summer begins, the good news is accumulating regarding Apple, whose next laptops and the long-awaited iPhone 7 are approaching their respective dates of formalization. While waiting for these deadlines, you can always go to the brand’s stores in the United Kingdom or to the sites of specialized resellers ensuring deliveries on the European continent.

Apple United Kingdom England logo - Brexit: the prices of Apple devices cheaper in the United KingdomIn the stalls of the English Apple Stores, if you are visiting for whatever reason, by buying in euros, you will be definitely a winner, since for the moment, the brand has not adjusted its prices to the new rates of the currency of the neighbor across the Channel. For example, if you were planning to acquire an iPhone SE (the 4-inch model presented last March), you will not have to spend only £ 359, or € 427, instead of € 489 in France.

The price difference and the benefits you will realize are felt as you go upmarket in the Apple catalog, especially with the MacBook Retina (in their most advanced version) sold at £ 1,299, or € 1,547 at current prices, against € 1,799 normally. You therefore realize a saving of almost € 250 in discounts, which you can for example allocate to the purchase of a new iPod Touch, or even an Apple Watch on Amazon or Ebay.