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Brexit: no roaming charges for French people in the UK

While Brexit is now official, French nationals working in the UK worried about having to pay roaming charges to call from UK territory. Good surprise, since it will not be ultimately.

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As you may know, the United Kingdom will officially no longer be part of the European Union on January 1, 2021. This Wednesday, December 30, moreover, EU leaders signed the post-Brexit agreement, a document of 1246 pages which fixes the new commercial relations between the United Kingdom and the countries of the European Union.

And among the many questions raised by Brexit, French people working in Great Britain are worried about having to pay roaming charges to make calls. For the moment, the pricing policy of French operators is not yet 100% determined. Orange and Bouygues Telecom are maintaining the status quo: their commercial prices remain the same for the moment.

Free said for its part that the United Kingdom is still one of the countries without additional costs, despite the Brexit. In other words, subscribers will be able to use their plan in UK territory without having to pay any additional charges. As for SFR and Red by SFR, billing for communications from Great Britain will not change either.

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No change for UK residents

As a reminder, citizens of the European Union are exempt from roaming charges, provided they are calling from another EU member country. In fact, with Britain’s exit from the European Union, the issue inevitably came back to the table. And what about the British who live in France or other EU countries? Operators EE and Vodafone have assured that they will not apply roaming charges to their customers.

Here again, UK residents expected the worst as previous telecoms tariff deals now lapse with Brexit. To precisely avoid follies on the part of operators, the government led by Boris Johnson has made sure to impose several safeguards on operators. For example, they must notify customers of upcoming changes and limit price overruns to 45 pounds maximum.

Source: Le Figaro