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Brawl Stars15.157

Brawl Stars is already a must-have for shooters and action games on Android. It is completely free and without ads and offers fast, nervous fighting and several game modes and characters. From the soundtrack to the graphics through its playability, Brawl Stars is a success in every way!

A game combining action and shooter

Brawl StarsBrawl Stars is a free Android game developed by Supercell, the creators of the excellent Boom Beach, Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale. This game is at the crossroads of a shooter and an action game, it offers games of less than 3 minutes in which teams of 3 players compete in several game modes.

The game features more than twenty characters, called Brawlers with different skills and allows you to compete solo or in a team to try new tactics.

Available game modes

With games ranging from 6 to 10 players, Brawl Stars offers several game modes and card types favoring melee or ranged combat: – Raid of Gems : two teams of 3 players compete to be the first to collect 10 gems that appear during the game in the center of the map; – Survivor : solo or duo, this mode is similar to the classic Battle royale and consists in collecting energy points to be the last living Brawler (s);Brawl Stars
Premium : in 3 against 3, each team accumulates stars with each elimination that the opposing team can take again; – Brawball : a football mode in which victory goes to the first team to win at the end of the time limit or to score two goals; – Robbery : each team must attack the opposing team’s safe while protecting their own; – Special events : in co-op against the computer or in 1-on-5 combat, events are organized on weekends.

Unlock new Brawlers

The main objective of the game is to increase the number of trophies to unlock new Brawlers and increase their level to unlock special skills.Brawl Stars
The game offers several types of players ranging from hand-to-hand combatants to snipers for long-range combat, not to mention heavyweights, projectile launchers and stealthy and poisonous assassins. So many ways to play Brawl Stars, vary your game and build a complementary team.

A discreet but well-oiled social dimension

Brawl StarsThe game offers classic but very useful social functions such as adding friends via Facebook, creating a club as well as a complete scoreboard by players, clubs and Brawlers. An integrated chat allows you to chat with club members, the current team and add new players.

A fun and colorful atmosphere

Brawl Stars is no exception to the rule of games designed by Supercell and offers a lively and rhythmic atmosphere with games of less than 3-4 minutes. The graphics are colorful, each Brawler has its own replicas and the soundtrack is a success.

A quick start

Even if the fights can seem very intense at its beginnings, the joysticks on the screen are easy to take in hand to direct and move your character to place the right attack at the right time or to take cover.