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Safe browsing that protects privacy

Brave is a multiplatform web browser that makes the protection of the personal data of its users its spearhead. Here presented on Android, the browser is also available on iOS and for computers on Windows, Linux and macOS.

The browser also offers several almost essential options such as private browsing to browse the web anonymously or change the search engine, Qwant is defined by default.

Protection of privacy

With a view to protecting privacy, Brave includes the extension by default HTTPS Everywhere which forces the use of HTTPS on all websites to encrypt the connection. The browser also provides a configurable ad blocker that allows you to choose to completely remove the ad, replace it with a more relevant ad, or allow it.

The internet browser also blocks all tracers, pop-ups, third-party cookies, as well as certain scripts to strengthen the confidentiality of its users.

Thanks to all the means implemented to protect privacy and block ads, Brave offers much faster and lighter web browsing of all advertisements and plotters on the web. This thus saves the battery but especially the mobile data plan.

The Brave Rewards system

If advertisements are bulky online, they are one of the main sources of income for sites and content creators. Integrated in beta version in March 2019, the Brave Rewards system is optional and makes it possible to alleviate this problem by allowing the user to view advertisements centered on his interests, to be rewarded in tokens, called Brave Attention Tokens or BAT, which ” It is then possible to redistribute to the creators of certified content of their choice, including Clubic.

A system that even evolves on PC because it is now possible to transfer the tokens won directly on a wallet thanks to a recent partnership with the Uphold platform.