Brave Browser will pay you to surf the web

Do you know what’s weird? When a browser that has always tried to block websites from following you and showing you targeted ads, starts trying to incite that very idea, but in a way that seems slightly stranger.

A bit back, if you’ve never used Brave, it’s a browser that prevents websites from tracking your movements on the internet in order to spy on you or serve targeted ads based on your interests. It also blocks a bunch of ads. Today, however, Brave is introducing a new type of optional advertising system that allows users to see targeted ads. and not just regular advertisements on the website that appear as banners or side elements on the Internet; these announcements will appear as workstation notifications, which personally I think is even more intrusive, but whatever.

The question you are probably asking yourself right now is why in the world a person chooses to advertise. Especially those who try to capture your attention even more actively by appearing as notifications. The answer? Brave will pay you 70% of the revenue generated by these ads .

Still, it’s a bit better than websites monitoring you, since Brave will do all of the ad processing in the browser itself, and won’t send your credentials to websites and servers. when you click (or if) on an ad.

Brave was co-founded by Brendan Eich in 2015, after he was ousted from Mozilla for a donation he made to an initiative banning same-sex marriages. He claims that users who opt for these ads will be able to earn around $ 5 per month, and the money will be paid to them in the form of a cryptocurrency (why not, right?) Called Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). It’s also important to know that as of this writing, there is no way for people using BAT currency to exchange it for cash, but Eich says Brave will work with cryptocurrency exchanges to make this possible in the future.

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Another question to consider, if you are considering signing up for these ads, is: how will you ever know that you are actually receiving 70% of the income? Brave likely won’t share earnings details with its users, which means it can easily cap payments at $ 5, even if they owe you a lot more than that. Just food for thought, you know