Bouygues Telecom will remain alone but with a new Box

Bouygues Telecom will remain alone but with a new Box

Image 1: Bouygues Telecom will remain alone but with a new Box

The past few weeks have been hectic for Bouygues Telecom. The third operator was in the hot seat, its parent company having the idea of ​​separating it by selling it to another player in the market. A situation which obviously interested the government, favorable to a return to three operators. Its CEO, Olivier Roussat, was the guest this morning of BFM Business, where he was able to put an end to the rumors surrounding the future of his company: the operator does not want to end up engulfed by a competitor. The part telecom will stay well under the bosom of Bouygues, negotiations with other operators “Having failed”.

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Thus, the firm then favors a “Deep transformation” in order to “Ensuring one’s future independently”. This will not be without difficulty and will be paid for in concrete terms by a reduction in the workforce of 1,516 employees. In parallel, new efforts will be made in the mobile and landline sectors in order to continue to recruit customers. In fact, many announcements are expected in these two sectors for the next few weeks.

For the internet part, we should expect the launch of “New offers (…) at very aggressive prices, which will renew the price standard for high and very high speed Boxes”. A finally logical approach, which is in line with the box at 20 euros, launched under the brand B & You Last year. But above all, it’s a new box “Much more efficient, much more fluid and much more open to the outside”, which will be presented within two weeks. New products are also expected on the side of the 4G, and this, from next week.

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