Bouygues Telecom: this is what the new Bbox TV looks like

The new Android TV Bbox should soon be announced by Bouygues Telecom. A series of photos have been circulating since this morning on the Web, photos which show the box from every angle. The device is even displayed in action at a subscriber. An imminent launch on the part of the operator?

Bouygues Telecom BBox TV 2021

If Bouygues Telecom unveiled a fully materialized box offer a few months ago, the operator continues to bet on physical boxes. The all new Bbox TV should be announced very soon, it is now a virtual certainty. The one that has been in rumors for 2 years has already been certified by Google. This certification is necessary since, like the current Bbox TV, the new Bouygues box will also work on Android TV. And a few days ago, it was Netflix which also integrated this new TV box to its catalog of devices supported by its streaming services.

After having had some details on the very heart of the device, it is its design that is revealed today. And these are not diagrams describing the box, but rather Pictures of the new set-top box. We can see the box in action, proof of this is that the box is being tested by some handpicked users and partners, as is customary for operators.

Bouygues Bbox TV 2021 connectivity

The new Bbox TV benefits from a very large front screen

As can be seen from the photos available on the forum, the box benefits froma large screen on the front, which allows, among other things, to display the time or the channel being broadcast. On the back of the device, we note as it should be the presence of an HDMI port, an S / PDIF connector, an Ethernet port, and a socket for power.

On the side, we take advantage of a USB-A port intended to accommodate a key or an external storage disk, as is already the case on the current Bbox TV. On the other side of the device, there is a Wi-Fi pairing button. No big changes are to be expected, except for this consequent screen on the front. The user of the forum at the origin of this “leak” took the opportunity to distribute photos of the interface of the box, which is identical to the one currently found on the Brooklyn 4K Bbox.

Bouygues Bbox TV 2021 update

On the performance side, we have known for a long time now that the new Bbox is on board a four-core Broadcom processor clocked at 1.66 Ghz. Even if the box promises to be a little more powerful than the Freebox Pop released this summer, a little hardware refresh was necessary, the current Bbox TV showing some signs of weakness since it dates from 2017. Now we just have to wait. an official announcement from Bougues Telecom. The timing being a bit tight to unveil the new box before the end of the year, it is quite possible that the operator will do so in early 2021, as was the case for the Bbox Fiber Wi-Fi 6 this year.

Source: Makara / La