Bouygues Telecom becomes the cheapest of fiber optic operators and Free the most expensive

A new study by Ariase states that a fiber optic subscription is on average cheaper at Bouygues Telecom among all French operators. Conversely, and contrary to popular belief, Free has become the most expensive in optical fiber, ahead of Orange. The average price of a Free fiber optic subscription jumped 9%, in part due to the discontinuation of the Mini 4K.


Ariase, the French comparator specializing in fixed and mobile telecom offers published the December 2020 edition of its barometer of the price of packages. An edition that has strong surprises in store, especially in the fiber optic Internet subscription market. Because the cheapest is not the one who proclaims it loud and clear. Free is indeed very far from being the most affordable of operators. It is even the most expensive.

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Indeed, according to the Ariase barometer, Free is positioned dead last in the ranking of operators. The average price of its subscriptions now amounts to 34.53 euros (amount smoothed over 12 months). That is almost 40 cents more than the average price of a fiber optic subscription at Orange, yet generally described as the most expensive French supplier. The average price of his subscription is 34.16 euros.

The fault with the abandonment of the Mini 4K offer

The comparator explains that the price of packages has increased sharply this year at Free. Especially since the end of the Freebox Mini 4K offer, which was relatively aggressive. It has been replaced by the Freebox Pop. In addition, Free has also discontinued its Freebox One offering. Today, its catalog has only three fiber optic offers: Freebox Revolution, Freebox Pop and Freebox Delta. Their price varies from 40 euros to 50 euros per month (excluding promotional price for the first 12 months).

free most expensive fiber optic operator 2020
Credit: Ariase

The cheapest fiber optic operator would be Bouygues Telecom, according to Ariase. The average price of his subscription is 23.99 euros. After Bouygues Telecom, you will find Sosh, then Red by SFR, and finally SFR. The average price of their subscriptions is 24.99 euros, 25.17 euros and 27.29 euros. Finally, note that the average price of an “entry-level” subscription is 28.35 euros in France. An amount which has fallen very slightly compared to November 2020, but which remains more expensive than in September 2020. Once again, because of the abandonment of the Mini 4K offer.

In defense of Free, the Freebox Pop offer is perhaps quite expensive compared to the competition. But if you take a Free Mobile 100 GB subscription, usually sold for 19.99 euros, it costs 9.99 euros for Freebox Pop subscribers. Or a very complete quadruple play offer at 50 euros (within a few cents). Even Bouygues Telecom does not offer this today.