Bouygues launches its Bbox in ADSL

Bouygues launches its Bbox in ADSL

The TV box BboxAt a time when Free wants to come and walk on the telephony bands, Bouygues Telecom goes the opposite way and tries the risky bet of ADSL Internet accessIt is a technology allowing access to broadband internet directly by your telephone line. For this, we use part of …. It thus offers complete integration of communications to the mobiles of all operators.

An offer equivalent to that of its competitors

TV guide overviewAs a basic offer, Bouygues Telecom therefore offers a triple-play model (Internet, TV, fixed telephony) for 29.90 euros per month: up to 20 mega, 50 channels and more than 67 free destinations. If we add three hours of communications to mobiles, we then go to a rate of 39.90 euros per month. However, for any subscription before January 17, 2009 by subscribers to mobile plans, these hours will be doubled for the same price. Finally, simple Internet access will be charged at 19.90 euros.

It will be possible to connect the two boxes, ADSL and TV, together using an Ethernet cableEthernet is a packet switched LAN protocol. This is based on a physical layer generally based on shielded cable and … or CPLCarrier current online is an alternative technology to Wi-Fi, which uses mains power to pass data by superimposing a s…. What Bouygues can maintain a flowThe bandwidth as used when talking about a network defines the amount of digital information that the network allows to pass through… enough to pass the MPEG-4 signalMoving Picture Experts Group. Standard developed in the early 2000s and made up of several audio or video codecs. MPEG-4 is the third standard… 4.4 Mbit / s video used by television. The TV terminal, manufactured by Thomson, will also be equipped with a large 120 GB hard drive, an HDMI portHigh Definition Multimedia Interface. Fully digital audio-video connection standard intended to connect a high-definition screen to a source… and supplied with an HDMI cable. A TNT HD tunerDTT HD, for digital terrestrial television in High Definition is the future of DTT. Available in October 2008, it will be coded in MPEG-4, cont… is also included, it allows in particular the use of an ingenious system automatically choosing the best signal of a chain. On the other hand, the VCR and control functions will be invoiced at an additional 5 euros per month.

Customer relations at the center of the offer

A detailed program in the guideAccess to several content is also available: bouquet and à la carte channels, VODVideo On Demand. Service consisting in the rental of video content (film or program) that a user can view … with TF1 Vision (3000 films including several HD reverences, but also Canal + and CanalSat (optional). To deploy its offer, Bouygues Telecom relies partly on the networkLAN is the acronym for the English term Local Area Network, which can be translated into French by Local Network. Its definition consists of a set of gold… de Neuf (therefore SFR, its main competitor in mobile), but also its own infrastructure bought from Club Internet at the time of its sale to Neuf.

Lastly, Bouygues highlights its customer service, much appreciated on mobile, with clearmenet and thus sets the same efficiency objectives. 50 euros reimbursement of termination fees can thus be offered to a subscriber coming from another operator, just like home installation for only 1 euro.