Bouygues ideo: the best quadruple-play package of the moment

Bouygues: three unlimited numbers for € 9.90 per month

Image 1: Bouygues ideo: the best quadruple-play package of the moment

Ideo ended his package a fortnight ago. Today Bouygues is launching its TV ad and with it a new section on its website.

Prices in non-unbundled areas

The advertising clearly shows what Ideo is for. It is a strange idea which brings together in a single offer, fixed telephony, Internet, television by ADSL and mobile telephony. This quadruple-play offer is the first of its kind in France.

In addition to the information that has already been given in the previous news, we will focus more here on the small lines of Ideo. In unbundled areas, the package is € 44.90 per month. Otherwise, the refrain is not the same. You have to add € 5 per month straight away. In addition, if you want to separate from your France Telecom subscription in non-unbundled, you must add € 10 per month. In the end, we end up with a flat rate of € 59.90 per month, far from the offer announced for unbundled areas.

Image 2: Bouygues ideo: the best quadruple-play package of the momentThe big mobile plan at 15 €

Despite this, the offer remains attractive. A quick comparison with a conventional Internet package at € 30 per month suggests that in non-unbundled Ideo the telephone package costs € 30 per month, and € 15 per month in unbundled. A boon when you know that this offer combines 2 hours of telephony and unlimited 24/24 on SMS / MMS, Web, Mail and TV in 3G +.

At Orange, it takes € 77 for its Internet offer and a 2h Origami Zen. For SFR, the Nefbox and an Essentiel 2h cost € 68. With its € 59.90 maximum, the Bouygues ideo is undoubtedly the most attractive offer on the current market.

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