Boutique – TUTORIAL Gevey SUPREME: Unlock iPhone 4 [NOUVEAU MODÈLE]

Boutique - TUTORIAL Gevey SUPREME: Unlock iPhone 4 [NOUVEAU MODÈLE]

Iphone 4 Gevey Turbo Sim Boutique TUTORIAL Gevey SUPREME: Unlock iPhone 4 [NOUVEAU MODÈLE]

As you most certainly already know, unlocking the iPhone 4 is currently only possible with your operator. Indeed, after 3 months of contract you have the right to claim the unlocking free of charge.

If you do not want to wait 3 months you will have to pay between 65 and 120 € depending on your operator. For other people it is simply impossible to contact the operator because it is a used iPhone 4 for example.

So this is a problem for many of you. We presented the Gevey to you a few weeks ago. This little chip will allow you to unlock your iPhone 4 by performing a few manipulations.

But now, the old model needed to repeat the manipulations during a restart and were relatively complex for some.

The makers of the Gevey therefore worked hard to produce a new model called Gevey SUPREME !

  Gevey SUPREME TUTORIAL Store: Unlock iPhone 4 [NOUVEAU MODÈLE]

This new model thus offers even greater compatibility with operators. Now no more worries with SFR or iPhone from the USA. The manipulations are simplified and once the iPhone 4 restarted no more need to redo the manipulations 😉

We remind you that the Gevey SUPREME will allow you to fully unlock your iPhone 4 and allow you to enjoy the 3G network without any worries!

IOS compatibility

  • 4.0
  • 4.1
  • 4.2.1
  • 4.3
  • 4.3.1
  • 4.3.2
  • 4.3.3
  • 5.0

Baseband compatibility

(x represents any number)

To find out the version of your baseband, go to:

Settings / General / Information / Prog. Modem

  • 1.59.x
  • 2.10.x
  • 3.10.1
  • 4.10.x
  • 4.10.1
  • 4.11.04


A video tutorial made by iPhone3GSystem is coming in the coming days.

1. Disable 3G (Settings / General / Network / 3G)

2. Turn off your iPhone 4 then insert your SIM card (which must not have an active PIN code) in the gevey drawer

3. Turn on your iPhone 4 and wait for the next greeting…

  Gevey SUPREME TUTORIAL Store: Unlock iPhone 4 [NOUVEAU MODÈLE]

4. Tap the “Accept” button

5. The message “network unavailable” will appear, do nothing and wait until a bar appears on the reception signal.

6. Once a reception signal bar appears, dial 112 and press the Call button. Count 2 seconds and hang up the call!

7. Now activate the airplane mode and wait until the message “no SIM card installed” appears

8. Disable airplane mode. Your iPhone 4 will then indicate the message “SIM card failure”… this is completely normal 😉

9. Select OK and your iPhone 4 will then search for the network. The connection signal will appear in a few seconds and your iPhone 4 will be unlocked.

You can restart your iPhone 4 without any problem. The above manipulations should not be repeated.

Buying price

The Gevey SUPREME will cost you € 29.99.

You can order it on the official iPhone3GSystem store by clicking HERE!

For former customers who have already ordered the old Gevey will receive a reduction code of € 5 on request to order the new Gevey SUPREME.

To post your request please send an email containing the following information

  • Last name First Name
  • Order number
  • Postal CODE (Shipping address)

People who ordered a Gevey on 21/06/2011 will receive the Gevey SUPREME!

Thanks to antho06 for signaling by Push!

iPhone3GSystem sales team


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