Bose Beats attack for patent infringement

soundtouch-controller ipa iphone ipadBose is one of the heavyweights in the world of audio and the Massachusetts firm has just sued Beats, at the Delaware Court in the US, while grabbing the US International Trade Commission.

Beats would be guilty of violating five patents and violating fifty years of research around ambient noise reduction technology. As a result, Bose claims damages "equivalent to the harm caused", as well as worldwide suspension of products manufactured by Beats.

beats headphones

To put this confrontation in perspective, Bose achieved 2.5 billion euros in sales last year, against 1.1 billion for Beats, but the first has existed since 1964, while the second was founded only in 2008, by Iovine and Dre.

As a reminder, Apple should finalize the acquisition of Beats by September for $ 3 billion and this attack Bose could not fall at a worse time.