Boost your Galaxy S4 now, in 5 minutes!

Boost your Galaxy S4 now, in 5 minutes!

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 starts dating a bit, but it's still a very good smartphone. On the other hand, if you compare it with the latest smartphones from Samsung or other brands, it lacks a bit of responsiveness. And if its internal components a little dats can be improved unless you change your smartphone, there are nevertheless a number of small operations that can be done to make it faster. Here's how to boost the performance of your Galaxy S4.

Some of our tips – like those related to TouchWiz – apply only to Samsung, but the rest of them are perfectly applicable to other smartphones!

Update your Android version

The KitKat upgrade has caused some bugs on the S4, but Lollipop is much better and delivers significantly better performance as well as a better implemented interface and a different way of running applications. The release of Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S4 has started but as is often the case, it is limited to certain areas of the globe. There is however a way to override: the international firmware is online and it is possible to download and install it manually. Here is our tutorial for how to install Android Lollipop 5.0.1 on the Galaxy S4.

By updating your Android version, you will generally gain in speed but there are still some settings you can play, such as disable animations or use a custom launcher.

galaxy s4 lollipop
The Lollipop update has finally arrived. It makes a big difference. Samsung, ANDROIDPIT

Disable some aspects of TouchWiz

The personalized interface of Samsung, TouchWiz, has its followers but on the Samsung Galaxy S4 it can also contribute to slow down the overall performance of the smartphone, with its sometimes useless effects. Warning: some launchers can do the same, do not hesitate to activate what does not interest you. To change the TouchWiz interface on the Samsung Galaxy S4, just enter the developer mode which will give you access to certain settings, normally invisible. To do this :

  • Go in Settings> More> Development Options

If you do not find them here, go to about the device, scroll down to the Version number (Bild Number), and tap 7 times on it. You should now see a message displaying "The developer mode has been activated."Repeat the previous step.

  • Scroll down to the section titled "Drawing"
galaxy s4 problems lollipop animations
Reduce the scale or disable it: you will see a big difference in performance. AndroidPIT
  • Find scale animation window, scale animation transition and Scale of Difficult Animator

From there, you have two possibilities: you can deactivate them all or you can double their speed by passing the 0.5x scale (the other scales are higher than 1 and therefore contribute to slowing down your smartphone). The difference is significant: you will really redcouvrir your smartphone after a.

And it's not over, because TouchWiz is not the only culprit in terms of declining performance. That's what you can still fix.

Disable lock lock animations

booster samsung galaxy s4 3
Another nice effect you do not need. AndroidPIT

The animations on the lock screen are nice, but they cause a useless delay on an operation that you do several dozens of times a day. To disable them, go to My Device> Lock Screen and tap Lock effect. Choose "No"to disable animations.

Tell the S-Voice to go see you

Samsung S-Voice is a voice control application and if you do not use it it slows down your entire phone. This is because every time you press the home button, your device stands by to activate the S-Voice (two taps on the button Home to launch it). To deactivate it, press the Home button twice, then go to Menu> Settings> Open. Uncheck the box to eliminate the S-Voice delay.

booster samsung galaxy s4 2
"Open via home key": check off. AndroidPIT

Change the launcher

TouchWiz is not the most fluid launcher in the world, so it's worth testing an alternative like Apex, Nova or Go Launcher. Take a look at our top of the best launchers for Android to find the alternative that's right for you.

GO Launcher-Thmes
Install on Google Play

Nova Launcher
Install on Google Play

Apex Launcher
Install on Google Play

Sorting in Android

At Android, too, a number of settings can play on the performance of your S4. Lack of storage space is a problem everyone knows. Do not hesitate to sort through your applications and use an app like App Cache Cleaner to erase temporary files that your applications have unnecessarily stocked.

It can also be useful to disable some of the default applications that you do not use (and if you have root your device, you can delete them completely) as well as to close the applications that may have been installed in the system memory afterwards. that you have used them.

androidpit cache cleaner
Some apps like App Cache Cleaner can clean your device INFOLIEFE LLC

Put the brakes on the widgets

The widgets are great but the more you use, the more they consume the resource and participate slow down your smartphone. It can be a very good idea to keep your widgets a minimum absolute if you want to gain speed on the rest!

Did you find another way to get your old Samsung a bit better? Share your tips in comment!

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