[Bon Plan] 20% discount on Lenovo PCs

[Bon Plan] 20% discount on Lenovo PCs

Image 1: [Bon Plan] 20% discount on Lenovo PCsOn the Internet, the good plan is often conceptual, the mass of shops allowing most of the time to find cheaper elsewhere. When we spot a real deal, we are sure to share it with you.

Today it’s Lenovo which is doing well. The Chinese manufacturer “Celebrate summer” by reimbursing the VAT on any consumer PC “Of a value greater than or equal to 300 euros including tax”, bought in a boutique partner of the operation.

It materializes in the form of a ODR, or a 20% refund offer. The list of eligible products is available on the lenovorembourselatva.fr website.

Registration, mail, reimbursement

After purchasing the coveted machine, you just need to register on the aforementioned site and enter your bank details so that Lenovo can make a transfer. The registration form containing the unique participation code must then be attached to the computer purchase invoice and then sent by post. A bit archaic as a process, but we have not yet found a better way to send the original invoices. Finally, you have to cut in the fat and cut the packaging of the machine, or rather the part on which the PN appears, ie the PC identification number.

Once sent, this dossier will be processed within 6 to 8 weeks, explains Lenovo. The operation runs from June 13 to July 5. If you purchased a Lenovo machine between these two dates, you have until August 4 to submit your VAT refund request.

Take advantage of Lenovo’s refund offer

Yoga 3 11 at 600 euros

Note that in the batch of products eligible for this offer, there is the Yoga 3 11, the replacement for Yoga 2 11. It is a transformable laptop with good autonomy and a comfortable mid-range configuration. There is a Core M 5Y10c, an HD 5300, 4 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD for 749 euros on the store of its manufacturer. With Lenovo’s ODR, it drops to 599.20 euros. A good deal.

Image 2: [Bon Plan] 20% discount on Lenovo PCs