board fingerprint reader? Update

Frankly, I'm curious to see which smartphone will replace the one I currently have …

Typical large manufacturer or heading to the Xiamo, OnePlus & co market?

I am not convinced by the fingerprint reader which I think should not be used as much as that. The waterproof side still does not seem viable enough according to the feedback I observe on the manufacturers forums.

Come on, put me a last generation LTE Cat 9 compatible chip, a big battery, FHD, radio function, a good camera, a design of the current Xperia or why not the next Curve, the stereo, Android and that should do it (power dare, I don't play on my smartphone …)

With such requirements, there's a good chance that it will be Sony … To see if a Snap 808/815 variant will exist quickly, just to not suffer the genes of a "burning" smartphone based on 810, unless they lock it up? ( pity )