BMW backs on subscription for Carplay

BMW backs on subscription for Carplay

bmw-driver-aos-ipa ipad iphone guideBMW enthusiasts had hit the German mark a few months ago when we learned that Carplay would require an additional subscription, after a year of free trial. As we imagined, BMW is backing and will continue to "offer" the service.

No subscription 110 for Carplay at BMW

The premium brand had wanted to "innovate" on its segment since version 7.0 of its iDrive system by adding an annual subscription 110. In addition, some models required 399 more for a "Carplay preparation".

Do not panic, BMW turns the wheel completely and offers Carplay life. Even if Apple charges a license to builders, the Munich does not (officially) fall back on its customers, as indicated by Autocar.

The change should be made official in the different countries in the coming days.

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For memory, Apple CarPlay allows to connect an iPhone to the vehicle for navigation, calls, messages, music but also Siri for example.