Bloodborne turns into GTA using a glitch

Bloodborne - GTA view

A player discovered a glitch within the role play Bloodborne, allowing to lock the camera in aerial view, the image of the first two episodes of the famous series Grand Theft Auto. The proof is displayed on video.

Available for a few weeks on PS4, Bloodborne is very popular with players. Offering a challenge as fierce as a Demon's Souls or a Dark Souls, the latest from the Japanese studio From Software captivates.

Bloodborne - thumbnail "height =" 129 "width =" 183After correcting an object duplication glitch and reducing the famous loading times, a new bug is highlighted by a player. The video below presents a glitch which allows to block the camera angle in aerial view, offering an approach identical to that of a Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

However, it is clear that this view is by no means easy to grasp, since the concept of distances becomes more difficult to distinguish. The interest of glitch is therefore centralized in its nostalgic side towards the first two parts of Rockstar's flagship license.