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Blackr1n, the universal jailbreak tool, made available!

Things rushed on this beautiful Sunday morning, and the famous Georges Hotz (alias Geohot) did not hesitate to put his new solution online, making the jailbreak active on any iPhone.

This ultimate new solution, called Blackra1n allows to perform the jailbreak on any iPhone updated to firmware 3.1.2 via iTunes (the latest from the Cupertino company) in just 30 seconds!

A warning, however, and not least:

If you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS from abroad and you are not using the initial operator for which your precious is intended, you must refrain because the update to 3.1.2 via iTunes (necessary to launch Blackra1n) will do evolve the modem program and your unlocking acquired with ultrasn0w will be rendered ineffective!

Also it is good to know that the version Blackra1n from the moment does not activate, which is done under iTunes for all iPhone dsimlock officially…

Blackra1n is available in Windows version, and directly downloadable from

We discuss it on the forum…