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BlackBerry dies a second time in the smartphone market – Tech

Blackberry Z10

BlackBerry and TCL will no longer cooperate to produce smartphones from August 31, 2020. The Canadian brand, which has morphed into cybersecurity, could renounce the smartphone market after this partnership, born in 2016.

A page turns in the history of BlackBerry, but it is not sure that the next will be written. In a message posted on Twitter on February 3, the Chinese company TCL announces the end of its partnership with BlackBerry for the production of smartphones under the famous brand, which experienced a peak of glory in the 2000s and in the 2010s. will be effective August 31, 2020.

TCL said that it was the failure to renew the rights to design, manufacture and sell products under the BlackBerry brand which prevented it from continuing its streak, suggesting that it was on the side of the Canadian group that the decision came. That said, TCL will continue the after-sales service for devices sold for two more years from August 31, 2020, until August 31, 2022. The Chinese group TCL, for its part, has great ambitions in the telephone service after the Huawei debacle: an opportunity to recover his assembly lines?

Blackberry Z10The Blackberry Z10. // Source: photo4howi

BlackBerry has refrained from commenting on the reasons which led it not to extend its partnership with TCL. On February 3, the brand thanked TCL and its teams for this successful partnership in recent years, through which it was possible to do great things. Success, therefore, that the brand does not intend to continue, because it puts an end to it even when it sings the praises elsewhere.

BlackBerry is doing something else

The pivotal point of BlackBerry in cybersecurity is undoubtedly not foreign to the rupture which we are witnessing with TCL, since the Canadian company recalled, the same day as the announcement of the divorce with the Chinese group, to have made a switchover from the smartphone market to that of software . Already in 2016, BlackBerry had decided to no longer manufacture its own smart phones.

The reorganization of the company's activities has been frustrated. The group saw its market share gradually sroder the advent of the era of the smartphone and the virtual keyboard, where its models have long retained a physical keyboard and therefore a screen of smaller size, where competing devices began to offer respectable diagonals.

The specifics of BlackBerry ended up turning against him

The restructuring of the mobile operating systems market also weighed in the balance. While a duopoly between Android and iOS was installed small, BlackBerry has made resistance with its homemade OS. Alas for him, the developers quickly developed the economy to look at the platforms less popular with the public. This is also what got you Windows Phone.

Maybe BlackBerry will announce a new buyer for the exploitation of its brand in smartphones, but it is not at all certain that this experience will be prolonged or that another company wishes to take over, especially since the sales figures do not follow. The parenthesis opened in 2016 by the partnership with TCL therefore appears on the verge of closing. Definitely.

Crdit photo from the front page: Blackberry

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