Black Shark 3

Black Shark 4: its 4500 mAh battery will recharge in 15 minutes!

Black Shark has started the teasing campaign for its next smartphone, the Black Shark 4. In a message posted on Chinese social networks, the boss of the brand confirmed the first two elements of the technical sheet: the battery capacity and the power of fast charging. The launch of the Black Shark 4 and its Pro version could be expected in the coming weeks.

Black shark 3
The Black Shark 3 from Xiaomi. Credit: Phonandroid

Last May, we published in our columns the complete test of the Black Shark 3. It is a smartphone that has many advantages, such as a powerful platform, a fluid screen, an assumed gamer design and a very decent autonomy, for a much more affordable price than its main competitors, including the ROG Phone 3. It certainly did not only have qualities, especially in terms of accessories. But the proposal was not inconsistent.

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And it seems to meet with some success since Black Shark confirms the arrival of a successor. This confirmation comes from Luo Yuzhou, boss of the brand. The latter posted a message on his Weibo account where he confirms that he is preparing for the upcoming arrival of the Black shark 4. An arrival that we assume to be near. It does not confirm that the smartphone will be accompanied by a Pro version. But, it is highly likely that it will, since the Black Shark 3 also split in two iterations.

A smaller battery, but a faster charge

His message was accompanied by an image from which we made the illustration below. This is the first technical information on the product. We therefore discover that the Black Shark 4 will have a battery of 4500 mAh. Or a lower capacity than that of the Black Shark 3. To compensate, the smartphone will be compatible with fast charging 120 watts. Thus, the smartphone would be able to switch from 0% to 100% charge in just under 15 minutes. It’s a very good performance.

black shark 4 first teaser

However, we have several questions. First, why is the available capacity decreasing? 220 mAh less, It’s not nothing. Then, how many batteries are actually integrated? We believe these are two 2250mAh batteries that each benefit from 60 watts. Oppo also doubles its batteries to speed up charging, as in the Find X2 Pro, for example. Finally, how many charges will this battery support? Because, with such power, it is certain that the energy cells will be particularly stressed.

Source: Weibo