Black AirPods: a concept of Martin Hajek

Black AirPods: a concept of Martin Hajek

backbeat-fit-updater ipa iphoneApple's AirPods, Apple's Bluetooth EarPods, which use the new Bluetooth 5 technology to operate in the most efficient way, including the new W1 chip, only come in a white color.

Martin Hajek, who had previously proposed a glossy Black iPhone concept along with shiny Black EarPods, re-imagined a black version of the new AirPods.

The Dutch designer wonders why Apple introduces two new black colors, jet black and black (matte), without offering a black version of its brand new wireless headphones? Which would seem logical.


Let's hope that the Californian company will eventually consider offering its EarPods and AirPods in black and why not in other colors that could match the color declines of the last 3 ranges of iPhone (iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 ) in the same way as the Beats helmets (Sidral Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold).

less than Apple does just reserve this specificity of high-end Bluetooth earbuds (I hear even more expensive) which would also be Beats …

airpods-black-Bluetooth-chip w1-without-fil.jpgairpods-with-box-noir.jpg

I also put the concept of black EarPods for fun.