The Bitstamp mobile application is faithful to the reputation of the exchange platform on the web. Fully secure, it allows you to follow the price of the main cryptocurrencies in real time, and manage a portfolio with ease. It offers deposit, withdrawal and exchange services for the most popular cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, it ignores deposits and withdrawals in euros and dollars. Its clear and ergonomic interface is perfectly adapted to all types of users, the most demanding will nevertheless regret the limited choice of cryptocurrencies, and its availability only in English.

Simple and efficient services

The mobile version of the service incorporates the main features of the exchange platform on the web. It allows you to follow the price of a cryptocurrency in real time as well as its variations over a given period. The platform only supports a very limited number of cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. It also supports two fiduciary currencies, the euro and the dollar. Unlike the website, it is impossible to make a deposit or withdrawal transaction by bank transfer or credit card. The application nevertheless supports exchanges between cryptocurrencies and conventional currency.

Regarding trading, the trading platform offers to place the most common types of orders “instant”, “market”, “limit” and “stop” to make a transaction quickly or take a position on a price. that you will have fixed. As on the web, transaction fees are very competitive, and the service leaves your hand on your wallet. You are free to transfer your cryptocurrencies to other wallets, or to another exchange platform.

A clear and ergonomic interface, but only in English

Bitstamp focuses on simplicity of use while providing tools that are advanced enough to satisfy more experienced users. The application demonstrates excellent ergonomics. Its clear and well thought out interface makes it accessible from its first launch. A tab system gives direct access to the main functions. The views dedicated to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies adapt to the level of the user.

They remain simple when it comes to buying or selling at the market price, and are enriched with options when you want to take a more complex position. In the same way, the diagram of the price of an asset can be enriched with the display of a wide variety of indices which illustrate the trend of a market. Only downside, the mobile application is only localized in English.