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A good free Android app to design and use custom emojis that look like you. It is translated into French and will suit users of instant messaging and social networks.

What are emojis for?

00C8000008713182-photo-bitmoji.jpgEmojis have slowly replaced the animated, and often annoying, emoticons used in the early 2000s. Used to communicate a mood and embellish its text, they are commonly integrated into social networks like Twitter and Facebook and email messaging software. image of Outlook and GMail.

How to create your own emoji?

To design a custom emoji, the Android app Bitmoji guides the user step by step to choose the gender of the emoji and a host of physical characteristics such as haircut, shape of the face, eyes, nose and mouth as well as hair and eyebrow color .

The personalization is complete and even offers to modify the details of the cheeks, make-up and many accessories, from glasses to hats, including hair clips.

Once the avatar is finished, you can save it and then select an outfit from the dozens of tops, pants and shoes available.

Hundreds of stickers to use

The user avatar thus created, he can now use it via the hundreds of stickers available and which can be inserted directly into messages, statuses and messages from several social networks. We find in particular stickers allowing to send messages of greetings, love, joy, sadness and for various events.

A simple app to take in hand

Bitmoji is an easy to use application thanks to its intuitive, pleasant interface translated into French. Finally, note that this app is also available on iOS.