BiteSMS 8: first iOS 7 beta available on Cydia

BiteSMS 8 Cydia - BiteSMS 8 : première bêta iOS 7 disponible sur Cydia


Posted: December 27 2013Updated: November 23, 2015

by Youssouf

BiteSMS 8, the application that allows you to send and receive SMS, iMessage or MMS without having to leave the application in which you find yourself has just landed in its first beta on Cydia.

Users ofiOS 7 who were able to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad thanks to evasi0n 7 can indeed discover today BiteSMS in version 8. Like any beta version, there are obviously a few beugs and all the features are not yet fully adapted to the latest mobile operating system from Apple. In the meantime, we appreciate the brand new design perfectly adapted to iOS 7.

BiteSMS 8 Cydia - BiteSMS 8: first iOS 7 beta available on Cydia

If you install BiteSMS 8 on iPad, be aware that the application has some display failures on the Apple tablet, however. On the other hand, some devices like the iPhone 5s, do not seem compatible.

Until the next beta releases to see the improvements, BiteSMS 8 is to download for free from the source which you have to add manually on Cydia (Manage > Sources > Edit > Add).

Note : If you encounter problems, you must uninstall BiteSMS 8 then uninstall Mobile Substrate, reinstall BiteSMS 8 and finally install Mobile Substrate again.