BiteSMS 7.5 finally available on Cydia

bitesms 7 - BiteSMS 7.5 enfin disponible sur Cydia


Posted: April 30 2013Updated: November 23, 2015

by Pierre

As usual, BiteSMS comes after several beta to offer version 7.5 of its SMS application on iPhone. This update brings more improvements and optimizations than new, but it will be enough to delight the owners of jailbroken iDevices.

Those who use regularly BiteSMS know that it takes much longer to start than the native Messages application. It is now finished since the changelog mentions a clear acceleration of the startup in order to equalize that of Messages.

bitesms 7 - BiteSMS 7.5 finally available on Cydia

BiteSMS 7.5 also fixes various display bugs and issues related to scheduled messages.

New in version 7.5:

  • Improved BiteSMS startup to reach the same speed as the native Messages app
  • Fixed all issues related to old messages that could appear in the quick response window
  • Fixed all issues with messages that sometimes did not appear in BiteSMS
  • Fixed issues with scheduled messages
  • Fixed a media display bug in iMessage
  • Improved LockInfo compatibility
  • The send and quick response windows now display the status “Delivered” or “Read” on the last iMessage
  • Ability to hide the keyboard from the status bar when you write a long message and no longer see the conversion

BiteSMS 7.5 is available on Cydia under the source BigBoss in trial version. If the application appeals to you, you will have to pay the sum of € 5.95 which pays off largely given the advantages it brings.

As for the next version, BiteSMS 7.6 beta 1 (coming soon from the repo, it will normally bring the Text Heads:

text heads bitesms - BiteSMS 7.5 finally available on Cydia