BiP Girly: CaloryGuard 2 – Belgium-iPhone

BiP miniAt the dawn of spring, many of us want to find a pretty figure. This kind of software is already well used on the net, there is no doubt that the iPhone version will also be adopted.

With CaloryGuard2 you can easily recognize high-calorie foods easily recognizable by smileys.

You always know, your daily calorie consumption and your needs handy. Convenient for those who want to know the number of calories in unhealthy foods at any time of the day. In addition, you can obviously manage your weight change.

When starting the application, you will have a few parameters to adjust in order to help you lose weight as much as possible or keep your figure.

The great thing about CaloryGuard 2 is that it now offers you the unique opportunity to dynamically expand the food database with foods added by other users.

Certainly less expensive than the subscription to the dittician but the follow-up can be restrictive, since it is necessary to enter a large number of data for each meal.

Available on lApp Store for 2.99.

Want to have control over your diet? You just have to leave us a comment on the blog, and the first ten will receive a valid code on the US App Store, to test it.

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