Bionic plants to produce solar energy

While bionics invites itself a little more every day in humans in different fields, it is now invited on the plant side. Researchers from the University of Linköping in Sweden have managed to grow roses, the particularity of which is to offer printed circuits in place of the vascular system.

bionic flower

To achieve this feat, the researchers had to find a material capable of being absorbed by the plant during its development while restoring it in the desired form. For this, the choice fell on a polymer called PEDOT-S: H. It was placed in the stem of the flowers which then absorbed it without problem, which led to the manufacture of a wire of ten centimeters in the plant, without harming it.

After this stage, it was possible to use this circuit as a transistor, and the applications could be multiple in the future. We could thus envisage a system capable of regulating plant growth, but also of taking advantage of the photosynthesis effect to recover energy. For now, researchers are focusing on the possibility of changing the color of flower petals.