Intel introduces its Atom Z3590 chipset for smartphones and touch pads

big jump in graphics performance

Fleas Intel Skylake, the first models of which are expected later this year, continue to be leaked. A slide posted on the forums provides some technical data and some performance figures.

Skylake The fleeing slide (click to enlarge)

With the new Intel Skylake chips, we can therefore hope for a reduced consumption of 60% for up to 35% more HD playback time compared to the Broadwell generation. The Santa Clara company has often been singled out for the performance of its graphics solutions, and the emphasis is obviously on improving this aspect. Skylake's Iris Pro GPU, which will manage Ultra HD 4K definition, will allow up to 50% more 3D performance than the Broadwell Iris Pro.

With the new Intel Skylake chips, we will also benefit from a wireless network link Wi-Fi AC associated with several antennas, a mobile network link 4G / LTE cat 6 (up to 300 Mbit / s for download) and a wireless video link WiDi 6.0.